TEAC CA200 HH 13-1 Card Reader and Windows 7

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate on my Dell Dimension E520 and after upgrading, realized that my TEAC CA-200 card reader no longer worked properly.  I went to support.dell.com to see if there were any Windows 7 drivers available, and of course they were not.  Luckily, there is a fix.  Read on…

  1. Download the Windows Vista drivers from the Dell Support site. (I only tried this with the 32-bit drivers.)
  2. Extract the drivers to the C:\Dell\Drivers\R176587 folder.
  3. Go to that folder, right-click on Imgr32b.exe and go to Properties.
  4. Click on the Compatibility tab and under Compatibility mode, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”  Then choose “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).”
  5. Click OK.
  6. Now, double-click to run the file and follow the instructions to install.  You must put it into compatibility mode or it will not run. (When I installed, it hung near the end of the install process. I killed the program, and everything still worked fine.
  7. This should do it and everything should be working now.

In my case, it did not work immediately. I had to open up the PC, disconnect the card reader and then reconnect it.  Once I did that it was immediately recognized.

Hope this helps.

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