Picasa for Mac Import Problems: After Copying Grayed Out

Tech Supporton September 15th, 20107 Comments

We like Picasa for the Mac much better than iPhoto, so it was a real problem when the latest version of Picasa would no longer allow us to choose what to do after importing our photos.  For some reason, the “After Copying” option in Picasa was grayed out and could not be selected anymore.  We have no idea what caused this, but luckily, the fix is relatively easy.

  1. Close Picasa
  2. Open Finder
  3. Double-click [username] -> Library -> Preferences
  4. Drag the file com.google.picasa.plist to the Trash (or to your Desktop if you’re worried about erasing this file)
  5. Re-open Picasa

Doing this will cause Picasa to reset some of its settings.  Your Albums, Folders, Collections, etc. will all still be there, but there are some minor settings you will have to reset like Picasaweb logins and any add-ons you may have installed. In addition, the “After Copying” option will no longer be grayed out and unavailable.

7 Responses to “Picasa for Mac Import Problems: After Copying Grayed Out”

  1. @RyanEagles says:

    Thanks so much! I was having this exact same problem. I am wondering if this happened after using the migrate from my old mac to my new one.. Thanks so much for the fix!!!

  2. evenovak says:

    Thanks for the suggestion!
    I can't make it work for me. I can't find that file name anywhere.
    Does it only work if my photos are stored in a library?
    Mine are in a self titled file because I had to put them somewhere when I extracted them from the clenched fists of iphoto.

  3. superwesman says:

    this definitely works, but is there a long-term solution? I have to do this every time – it's getting old fast

    • DaVe says:

      Unfortunately, I have not. I have found that disconnecting my iPhone and reconnecting it often fixes it, but yes, it is annoying.

  4. Ymerej says:

    I think the root of the problem is this: because it Picasa is failing in bringing in people (read: eyeballs) to the Picasa photo sharing site, Picasa is not getting maintenance resources from Google. This is a bug that is well known, and Google is simple closing the forum topics to new responses. meh. you get what you pay for.

    • DaVe says:

      It's strange, but I have not had this problem in awhile. For some reason it has been working much better now.

  5. @achoi02 says:

    o-m-g so tempted to buy iphoto for my mom. she ends up having massive amounts of duplicates! >.<

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