Great Convergence Video – Shift Happens

Generalon November 25th, 20091 Comment

We hope you liked our previous post with the amazing social media video.  We now bring you another great video called “Did You Know 4.0” from the “Shift Happens” project.  The facts and figures in this one are just as astounding.

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  1. Julian says:

    Great find Dave, and a nice plug for an event that already happened 🙂

    The stats are pretty mind-blowing, 40 million people Rickrolled – what an opportunity for Astley to have launched an EP or remixes.

    One stat is a bit fuzzy, Dell makes $3m off Twitter. I’m calling BS on this. I read the times article, it only adds up to $2m, and there is no hard data even behind this. A million from folks clicking on coupons, which I would say is from people already about to buy, and joining Twitter to get the discount. And a million from people users who clicked on Dell Twitter to Dell Outlet. Dell had $61000m sales in 08, with 2/3 of a million Twitter followers – this is an absolutely terrible ROI. Show me a real company that has monetised Twitter – with real dollars that actually meant something.

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