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Google Apps Sync for Outlook Repeatedly Opening Request For Permission Window

Tech Supporton June 13th, 2013No Comments

Thanks to  a horrible automatic update for Google Apps Sync for Outlook, many of our clients are now getting a pop-up window requesting permissions with Google. In order to do this, a browser window must be opened and the user must login to their account and approve the additional permission requests. There seems to be a major problem though in that this does not work if their default browser is set to Firefox.

Luckily, the fix is rather simple. Set the default browser to Internet Explorer, then try the authorization request again. It should open in IE and you can then approve the request and get back into your Outlook again. Once approved, you can restart Firefox and set it as the default browser. There are also reports that this works for Google Chrome as well, but we found the IE fix to be quick and easy.

Hope this helps someone else, and thanks Google.